Your Appointment

Naturopathic visits can be different than what you are used to. They are often longer in length, depending on whether it is your first visit or a follow-up, what treatment entails, and on the length between appointments.


Initial appointments can last 1-1.5 hours.

Follow-ups range from 20-60 minutes. 

Acupuncture appointments are between 40-60 minutes in length. 


I encourage all of my new patients to book a free discovery call so that we can go over details of what to expect, and I can answer questions ahead of time. Let's make sure this is a right fit for you. 

Before Your First Appointment 


It is important to fill out some forms before attending your first appointment, in order to save time in the visit, and so that all information is available and can be discussed. This includes intake forms, a list of all medications and supplements that you may be taking, recent lab work or blood work, and a dietary recall of the foods you have eaten in the past 3 days. All of this information is used to help come to a diagnosis and to help formulate your treatment plan. These forms will be emailed out to you when you book online, or given to you before your appointment to be filled out before we meet.


Your First Visit


Your first visit will be longer in length: 1 to 1.5 hours. NDs listen, and getting to know  you takes time! We spend this time learning about your health history and current state of health, with as many details as possible. It is an all-encompassing exploration of your health. I also take the time to discuss, answer questions, and educate about what may be going on, all to help empower you in your health. 


Diagnosis and Assessment 


Along with the information you provide, to get to the root cause we will also do relevant physical exams and laboratory testing. Getting to the right diagnosis allows for a proper individualized treatment plan. 


Physical Exam


NDs are trained with the same diagnostic and assessment skills as medical doctors. Your assessment will include a physical exam of any affected areas of your body and any areas that might be related. 


Treatment Plan


Your treatment is a comprehensive plan that is completely individualized and tailored to you. It may include supplements, herbal medicine, acupuncture treatments, lifestyle counselling and dietary changes. Together we will decide what the fit for you is. All of the information we find out and discuss is carefully considered and taken into account before a treatment plan is made.