Socks, and your Immune System

Probably not the first thing you'd think of when the immune system comes up, yet that will change shortly! 


Hydrotherapy, aka "water cure" is medicine that uses water, and your body's natural healing ability.  We can stimulate the immune system using hydrotherapy in many ways: you've probably heard all about the benefit of cold showers, and if you're lucky, you've spent some time at a spa, alternating between sauna-hot tub-neutral-cold. 


Unfortunately we do not all have access to those spas.

Fortunately, we can practice hydrotherapy at home, using just two pairs of socks! 


This treatment is called "Warming socks" and I love to use it for any sort of congestion present in the head, ears, nose, and throat. It is wonderful for headaches, sinus pain, sore throats, ear aches, and can even help to break a fever. I've gotten to the point that even if I'm having a hard time going to sleep, I use warming socks as a way to relax!

It is very soothing and the perfect remedy to use before bed, before a nap, or just when you're resting. 

Completely safe for your little ones as well. Make it a cozy event to do together. 



So, what is it? 

The goal is to stimulate your body's circulation, and immune system. We do this by creating cold, and allowing the body to warm up what is cold. By creating cold in the feet, congestion can be drawn out of the head through this increased circulation. 


To create cold feet, we use wet cold socks, and warm woolen socks over top, to create a warm compress. 


What you'll need: 


1 pair thin cotton socks

1 pair wool socks

Cold water

Cozy place to rest 



1. Wet the thin cotton socks with cold water. Wring these out, so they are not dripping, just cold.

2. Optional: place these in the fridge/freezer to decrease the temperature even more.

3. Get into your cozy spot, whether it's relaxing on the couch, or in bed. 

4. Put on the cold socks.

5. Cover socks with the wool socks. Make sure these are warm.

6. Get cozy! Cover your feet up with blankets and stay warm. You can keep these on all night if you're going to bed. 


Do this treatment at the onset of any illness, and repeat 2-3 times. You can also do to help stimulate the immune system and ensure it is working as it should be. 



When to use this treatment:


Helpful for the common cold, influenza, sore throat, upper respiratory tract infections, congestion, sinusitis, sinus infections, headaches, coughs. 

Used best in conjunction with other medicine, including breathing techniques, botanical medicine, supplements, and a nourishing diet


*Caution: consult your naturopathic doctor or primary care provider before starting ANY treatment if you have chronic health concerns or a compromised immune system.