Seasonal Allergies and Fertility


What do your seasonal allergies have to do with your fertility planning?

More than you may know!


For one thing, if you’re taking antihistamines to dry up that runny nose, you could also be drying up other mucus in your body, including your cervical mucus.


Cervical mucus is an important aspect of fertility. It helps you to monitor your cycle – changing throughout, from creamy to egg-white. This egg-white mucus doesn’t just indicate your peak fertility window, it also is the ideal fluid for sperm to travel through, providing nourishment and ease.

There are many ways to address allergies, rather than using antihistamines. Addressing food sensitivities (often dairy!), using supplements to break down mucus instead (such as N-Acetyl-Cysteine), and investing in a good HEPA filter are some examples. I'd love to work with you further to get the support you need here.


It's not just the medications though: let’s look further:


Allergies go hand-in-hand with inflammation. The response to an allergen causes reaction in the immune system, causing local inflammation in the body. For example: skin=rash, respiratory=cough, runny nose, digestive=diarrhea. They can also cause irritability, sleep disturbances, headaches, pain in the joints, bones and muscles…

So what happens in the reproductive system?


Endometriosis often coexists with allergies.


There is a relationship between irregular menstruation and allergic disease such as atopic asthma, rhinitis (runny nose), and dermatitis.


Chronic inflammation has an effect on fertility and increases time to conceive (TTC)


Untreated asthma can influence increased risk of preterm birth and low birth rate, as well as spontaneous miscarriage

Conclusion: research shows that allergic women have more irregular menstruation, and longer TTC. Untreated or difficult to treat asthma may have the largest impact on fertility. Endometriosis often comes with allergy, which are both very inflammatory conditions. However fertility rate and number of offspring is similar to that of women without allergy (good news!)


When we are addressing your fertility, we’re looking at your whole picture (AND don’t forget your partner!!) Every part of you plays a role in your health, so let’s get you healthy, so your future offspring will be as well