🌱One great thing about visiting my family is access to never-ending raspberries! I used to resent these little nutrient bombs when I was a kid because picking them meant I’d get all scratched up. Now I’m super grateful and willing to sacrifice my arms for their goodness! . .
Raspberries are definitely a super food with many health benefits - full of #fibre, vitamin C, folate, and tons of antioxidants. They contain a flavonoid called quercitin, which produces anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. .

Raspberry leaf tea also has many health benefits. 🍃 It is commonly used in #pregnancy in late third trimester to stimulate labour and ease childbirth. 🤰 
It helps to both tone and relax the uterus - but always talk to your healthcare provider before adding any herbs, especially when pregnant. Plants are powerful! 💪🌱