Nutrition and dietary counselling is the most important and my own most utilized tool as a naturopathic doctor! .
I studied human nutrition before attending CCNM - so have a special love for learning about what we eat. And why not? We all eat, so what we put in our bodies directly impacts our health. Our bodies reaction to the food we eat also shows so much about our health. .
The problem is that there is so much information out there - and so many different food options to choose from. It’s a lot to sift through! Plus you may not know that the symptoms you’re experiencing are being made worse by the foods you’re eating. . .
Eating the right foods can completely change your health. Do you have high cholesterol? PCOS? Type II diabetes? Heart burn? Anxiety? All of these conditions (basically every single condition) are effected by how you eat, so dietary changes can have a huge impact. Amazing! .
Plus... food is just so yummy 😋 .