What does your breakfast look like?? 🥞🥐🥗This is mine - not what you might typically think of when you hear “breakfast”, but it is full of everything you should aim for in a meal, and exactly what you want to fuel you for the day. .
I like to add fruits and vegetables to all of my meals - for fibre to keep me full, and for all the added benefits of antioxidants. Why should breakfast be any different? .
Breakfast should always include protein and fat: either animal or plant-based: 🥜🥓 incredibly important to include in your breakfast to help keep blood sugar stable and prevent cravings and crashes later in the day. Olive oil, eggs, avocado, nuts, seeds, and flax are all good options and can be easily incorporated. .
You may automatically gravitate to having cereal, pancakes, bacon and eggs, or even just coffee for breakfast. But why not challenge that idea? Try having dinner leftovers, or adding berries and flax to your cereal, sautéing some tomatoes and onions with your eggs - mix things up! Everything you put in your body contributes to your health, so do something special for yourself 😊🎁