What is naturopathic medicine?

What is a naturopath? If you’re following me, you most likely have an interest in naturopathic medicine🙏 or, you may just be looking to learn more! 👍

So what is naturopathic medicine? 🍃More and more people are actively seeking and benefiting from naturopathic medical care. The public is demanding greater choice and increased access to health care and education. THAT is what naturopathic medicine is, to me: EMPOWERMENT. It is about taking control of your health, educating yourself on who you are and what is going on, taking that control and applying it to your life. 
Making healthy, sustainable practices for yourself to both correct dis-ease and prevent it. 

I stumbled into naturopathic medicine when I was in university learning nutrition. It amazed me that something you do everyday – EAT – has such an enormous impact on your health. 🍕 I loved that I could help someone by fixing their dietary habits. 🍎

That wasn’t enough for me though – I thought, if you can impact someone just by changing nutrition, what else can I do? Naturopathy was my answer. 

A lot of people only discover naturopathic medicine when they have run out of all other options. This is unfortunate because it is such a great tool in preventing health issues. Fortunately, it also works in correcting and treating! 

I’ll be posting more about the principles and modalities of naturopathic medicine, but if you have any questions, please ask! ⚡️